A Matter of Trust by Susan May Warren


The pure adrenaline and freedom of flying down a mountain coated with snow, the stomach-dropping jumps, and the beauty of Montana’s Glacier National Park are brought to life in Susan May Warren’s A Matter of Trust. But book number four in the Montana Rescue series is so much more than that.

A few years ago, Gage “Watts” Watson was on top of the world. A champion backcountry snowboarder, he had the adoring fans, the trophies, and the sponsorships. After a tragedy, he’s trying to discover his place in life while staying under the radar. Now, the person who helped end his career needs his help.

A Matter of Trust Susan May Warren

As Gage and Ella Blair search for her brother in a dangerous, life-threatening snowboard run, they must come to grips with their past mistakes. Gage is intent on not repeating the past tragedy again. Ella wants to apologize, to make things right with Gage.

It might take days on a mountain, a snowstorm, and some gentle reminders that God is God. That nothing they did, or do, changes his love for them. That He doesn’t forget about them or turn His back on them even when He feels far away.

This is a standalone book in the series. I hadn’t read the previous books but was not lost with the characters. Although, now I’m curious about some of their other stories so will have to go back and read the rest of the series.

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A Matter of Trust Susan May Warren

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Champion backcountry snowboarder Gage Watson has left the limelight behind after the death of one of his fans. After being sued for negligence and stripped of his sponsorships, he’s remade his life as a ski patrol in Montana’s rugged mountains, as well as serving on the PEAK Rescue team. But he can’t seem to find his footing–or forget the woman he loved, who betrayed him. 

Senator and former attorney Ella Blair spends much of her time in the limelight as the second-youngest senator in the country. But she has a secret–one that cost Gage his career. More than anything, she wants to atone for her betrayal of him in the courtroom and find a way to help him put his career back on track. 

When Ella’s brother goes missing on one of Glacier National Park’s most dangerous peaks, Gage and his team are called in for the rescue. But Gage isn’t so sure he wants to help the woman who destroyed his life. More, when she insists on joining the search, he’ll have to keep her safe while finding her reckless brother, a recipe for disaster when a snowstorm hits the mountain. 

But old sparks relight as they search for the missing snowboarder–and suddenly, they are faced with emotions neither can deny. But when Ella’s secret is revealed, can they learn to trust each other–even when disaster happens again?

A Satisfying Ending to the Christiansen Family Series

While I’m not one of those readers who refuses to read a series until every book has been released, saying good-bye to a good one is like saying good-bye to friends. And after following the Christiansen clan through six books, letting go is a little bit sad.

Youre the one that i want cover

Prodigal son Owen Christiansen has traveled across the country trying to escape his poor choices and the disappointment he knows he’s been to his family. Now in Alaska working on a crabbing boat, he’s drawn to First Mate—who happens to be his captain’s daughter—Scotty McFlynn.

Scotty has grown up with only her gruff father and his rough and rugged fishing crews. Determined to prove herself among them, she has no room in her life for dresses, makeup, or anything girlie. And especially not a romance with one of the guys on the crew. Owen Christiansen will lead to nothing but trouble. At least she keeps trying to convince herself of that fact.

After a rough—and life-threatening—experience at sea, Owen’s brother, Casper, arrives to drag him home, confirming Scotty should not get involved. But when she goes to start her new job as an Anchorage police officer, she ends up with the assignment to escort Owen and Casper—who is wanted for questioning in a crime in his hometown—back to Minnesota. There she finds a family she never had (but always longed for).

The journeys both Scotty and Owen take to faith is well-documented through this beautiful and poignant story. Owen is trying to let go of his past failures and become a man God can use—one of faith and not fear—but the past continues to crowd the present. Scotty is determined to be self-sufficient, to not rely on anyone but herself, especially not Owen’s God. Add in Casper Christiansen—the perfect jealous brother to Owen’s prodigal—an you’ve got yourself a story with not only a little bit of intrigue but with several memorable spiritual lessons.

You’re the One that I Want will be available in stores and online February 1, 2016. Don’t miss how author Susan May Warren effortlessly brings the Christiansen story full-circle. And if you’re one of those people I mentioned in the first sentence, now is the time to introduce yourselves to Derek, Eden, Casper, Grace, Amelia, Owen, and the rest of the Christiansen family.

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Blog Tour: The Wonder of You by Susan May Warren

Perhaps you’ve been following along as Susan May Warren chronicles the happenings of the Christiansen clan from Deep Haven, Minnesota. If not, I would encourage you to do so. These are wonderful, inspiring, and uplifting books.

wonder of you graphic

The Wonder of You (book five in the Christiansen series) is the story of the youngest member of the family, Amelia. Protected and pampered by her family, Amelia’s great adventure in Prague came to an abrupt end. Feeling defeated and unsuccessful, Amelia returns to her family’s lodge in Deep Haven to nurse her soul and her broken heart. What she doesn’t expect is for the man of culture she met across an ocean to follow her to the small town in Minnesota. Roark St. John is determined to win Amelia back. Coming to grips with his own haunts is a struggle, and now he’s competing with Amelia’s high school sweetheart for her. But she’s worth the risk.

This book was both fun (especially Roark’s attempt at entering the local lumberjack games) and touching. Between Amelia’s lack of confidence in herself, Roark’s demons from the past, and Max’s struggles with his future, the reader is drawn into the story immediately. Fans of this series will be pleased to find more of Max’s point of view in this one. Admittedly, I haven’t yet read Max and Grace’s story but didn’t feel lost at all as I continued the journey with them. And now I will be picking up that missed book as well. Susan May Warren is never a disappointment to me. I feel like a citizen of Deep Haven whenever I pick up one of the books, an extended member of the Christiansen family. So pull up a chair and join them at the campfire on Evergreen Lake once again (or for the first time). You’ll be glad you dropped by.

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****Tyndale House provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Chance of Loving You

I didn’t list the authors in the title of this blog because there are three of them. Yes, you get one short stories from three best-selling authors for a total of three. Three authors I enjoy who know a little bit about writing a great romance: Terri Blackstock, Candace Calvert, and Susan May Warren.

chance of loving you cover

In “For Love of Money” by Terri Blackstock, Julie Sheffield waitresses to earn money while struggling to launch her own design firm. After spending one rainy evening talking with a customer, she is interested in the man, believing God brought him to her. But when he leaves her half a sweepstakes ticket and an IOU instead of a tip, her anger quickly overcomes her interest.

While Blackstock is best known for her romantic suspense offerings, it was a change of pace to read a straight romance from her. And she didn’t disappoint. Julie is likable and charming while Blake goes after what he wants. This couple will balance each other’s weakness (if they can trust each other enough to give love a chance).

“The Recipe” by Candace Calvert finds Aimee Curran, a hospital dietary assistant, struggling to find her purpose in life. She believes she’s finally found her calling, a way to honor her mother, when she enters a Vegan Valentine baking competition. No stranger to heartbreak, Aimee is drawn to Lucas Marchal, whose spare time is spent beside his ailing grandmother’s hospital bed. After being blackmailed into helping with food service, Aimee and Lucas begin to talk about their lives—their concerns, their fears, their hopes. But has Aimee truly found her calling with her competition or is she just filling time with another fruitless endeavor?

This short story was my favorite of the three. Aimee’s life has not been easy and her desire to find her place in life may resonate with a few readers. The story starts out with a fairly humorous scene that will at least have you smiling. The love Lucas has for his grandmother is endearing and made him likable from the beginning, even when he’s not-so-pleased with the hospital staff.

The final offering in this anthology is from Susan May Warren. “Hook, Line & Sinker” follows several students from Bethel College to a fishing competition in Deep Haven (readers of Warren will definitely recognize this town!). Abigail Cushman is determined to try and win Deep Haven’s annual fishing contest to bring more attention to her struggling campus ministry. The problem is she’s competing against the man she’s loved for years (more years than he knows). Their relationship fell apart when tragedy struck and time has not healed the gaping wounds from words spoken during her grief.

Warren’s a master at romance and even her short stories pull a reader in. The only story in this anthology where the main characters have a history before the beginning of the story in the anthology (which I usually prefer) and that history is a long one. Miscommunication, misunderstanding, and pride are what keep this couple apart despite the strong feelings they still have for each other.

This anthology is a nice read for several reasons. It’s the length of a regular book but the three stories within are short. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time putting down a book when I’m in the middle of a good story. You won’t have to do that with Chance of Loving You because you can finish a complete story in a couple hours’ time. This is a fun way to either get to know a new author or to visit some favorites. Novellas and short stories are always a nice way to pass on a favorite author as well. If you’re looking for a nice, uplifting beach read, consider picking this one up.

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Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review. All opinions expressed are my own.