Thankful for Readers November Giveaway Week 1

Thankful for Readers November Giveaway

Thank you is not enough

Know what makes us book bloggers happy? It’s simple, really. Well, the obvious answer is books. Maybe I should have asked: Know WHO makes book bloggers happy? YOU DO! When you visit us, comment on our blogs, enter our giveaways and share with your friends, you are helping to keep our favorite authors writing great books.

You Help Authors

It’s no secret that word of mouth is the best advertising for books. Blogs are an extension of that word of mouth and every time you share a review, author interview, spotlight, or anything else we (bloggers) tell you about, you are helping to extend that word of mouth.

Thankful for Readers November Giveaway

As a blogger, I get books. Lots of them. This summer and fall, I’ve held onto them and also cleared some space on my bookshelves with plans to pass them on to you, dear readers.

How It Works

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Book Convention Survival Tips (with book giveaway)

Jesus calls His followers to be lights in the midst of darkness. If you’ve ever been to (or thought of going to an ABA book conference), the darkness is rampant.

During the first week of May, I got to hang with other readers at the RT Booklovers’ Convention in Atlanta, GA. This convention moves every year, and in 2018 it will be in Reno, NV. But despite the ever-changing city, the crowds flock to this convention for the parties and opportunities to meet with their favorite authors.


I’m by no means an expert at book conventions but this was my second RT (I went to Vegas for my first RT in 2016) and I thought I’d pass along some tips and hints to make the trip more enjoyable and worthwhile.

And if you hang with me until the end of the post, I’m doing a BIG giveaway for fans of Christian fiction (with multiple winners)!! Believe me, you’ll want to stick around and enter!!

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