The Texas Rancher’s New Family by Allie Pleiter (Review)

Texas Ranchers New Family Allie Pleiter

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A Match Made in Texas 

Tess Buckton returns to the Blue Thorn Ranch from Australia, badly needing Texas comfort. But the Outback follows her home when celebrity Aussie horse trainer Cooper Pine rents the ranch next door. The other Buckton siblings are worried Cooper’s high profile will upset the idyllic Martins Gap community—but Tess isn’t so sure. Cooper is surprisingly down-to-earth and a doting father to his special-needs daughter. But getting close enough to learn his secrets could mean exposing hers, and Tess isn’t ready for that—even if Cooper and his matchmaking daughter are just what her heart is yearning for.

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Review: Peace in the Valley by Ruth Logan Herne

In spite of their differences, Trey Walker Stafford knows he owes his life to cowboy and legendary rancher Sam Stafford–the uncle who rescued him after his parents’ death. Trey had left the Double S Ranch to pursue music against Sam’s wishes, but returns to central Washington when he learns he’s the best match for a procedure that could save Sam’s life. Although Trey’s found country music fame and success, he’s also endured the tragic loss of his wife. He croons about love, but struggles with a yawning emptiness he can’t explain.

Overwhelmed by a growing list of challenges, but mistrustful of Stafford men, single mother Lucy Carlton reluctantly accepts Trey’s help to revive her crumbling farm when Sam instructs him to repay the overdue debt to her family.

As the two grow closer, Trey slowly begins to open his heart to this beautiful woman and strives to let go of the grief he’s held for years. Lucy has a complicated history of her own. Can Trey accept her as she is, learn to forgive the past, and find the elusive peace he’s sought for so long?


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Long Time Gone by Mary Connealy

Long Time Gone (Cimarron Legacy Series)

Mary Connealy

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About the Book

The Boden clan thought their problems had ended with the death of a dangerous enemy, but have they truly uncovered the real plot to take their New Mexico ranch? Rancher Justin Boden is now in charge. He is normally an unshakable and rugged man, but with his brother, Cole, shot and in mortal danger, even a tough man faces doubts. And it doesn’t help that Angie DuPree, the assistant to the doctor trying to save Cole, is as distracting a woman as Justin ever laid eyes on.

With her and the doc’s timely skills, Cole looks to be on the mend, and Justin and the rest of the Bodens can turn their attention back to the dangers facing them. It’s clear now that everything that’s occurred is part of a much bigger plot that could date back to a decades-old secret. Can they uncover all the pieces before danger closes in on them, or is the threat to the ranch even bigger than any of the Bodens could imagine?


My Review

The Boden Siblings are back. Readers may remember that Connealy left us hanging a bit at the end of the first Cimarron Legacy book. If you don’t remember what happened at the end of No Way Up, don’t worry, you get a good refresher in the first few chapters of this one.

A couple of those cliffhangers are wrapped up within the first few chapters of Long Time Gone. But some remain because, let’s face it, that’s what keeps us reading to the last page.

Justin Boden and Angie Dupree are a good match. The problem is they don’t want to admit it. Angie’s determination to stand on her own and Justin’s determination to continue with a rancher’s life—a life he’s certain Angie’s both not strong enough and too good for—keep them apart. At first.

Connealy weaves the intricacies of a blooming romance, the nuances of siblings, and a mystery through her tale set on the Cimarron Ranch in the desert of New Mexico. Each thread is given the exact amount of attention it needed to pull me through the story. With a touch of humor in the midst of the chaos the Boden family is facing, Long Time Gone was a fun and fast read that left me itching for a little more.

Good thing there’s one more book coming. And I can’t wait to read about Cole and…. Well, I think I know who that might be, but you’ll have to read the first two books in the series in order to find out for yourself.


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An Uncommon Protector by Shelley Shepard Gray

An Uncommon Protector by Shelley Shephard Gray (available now)


About the book


Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of running a ranch on her own, Laurel Tracey decides to hire a convict—a man who’s just scary enough to take care of squatters and just desperate enough to agree to a one-year post.

The years following the war have been hard on Laurel Tracey. Both her brother and her father died in battle, and her mother passed away shortly after receiving word of their demise. Laurel has been trying to run her two-hundred-acre ranch as best she can.

When she discovers that squatters have settled in her north pasture and have no intention of leaving, Laurel decides to use the last of her money to free a prisoner from the local jail. If she agrees to offer him room and board for one year, he will have to work for her to pay off his debt.

Former soldier Thomas Baker knows he’s in trouble when he finds himself jailed because he couldn’t pay a few fines. Laurel’s offer might be his only ticket out. Though she’s everything he ever dreamed of in a woman—sweet and tender-hearted, yet strong—he’s determined to remain detached, work hard on her behalf, and count the days until he’s free again.

But when cattle start dying and Laurel’s life is threatened, Thomas realizes more than just his freedom is on the line. Laurel needs someone to believe in her and protect her property. And it isn’t long before Laurel realizes that Thomas Baker is far more than just a former soldier. He’s a trustworthy hero, and he needs more than just his freedom—he needs her love and care too.



My thoughts


Let me start with the most important information. I loved this book!! I’ve only read a couple books written by Shelley Shephard Gray but after reading An Uncommon Protector, I’m a fan.


The development of both Thomas Baker and Laurel Tracey in this book were spot on. The author manages to introduce the reader to a man who has lived a hard life and is currently in prison in such a way that they sympathize with him instead of disliking him. Thomas Baker has a past but he also is a man you can respect. While readers get a glimpse of Laurel’s bravery from the first chapter, as the story continues, the layers of her character are revealed.


The attraction between these two is evident from the first time they see each other and only builds throughout the book. But that’s not what the book is really about. Both Thomas and Laurel are struggling to stand on their own two feet, to find their places in life. But maybe standing beside each other is better than standing on their own.




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I receive complimentary books for review from publishers, publicists, and/or authors, including Netgalley. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Counting on a Cowboy by Debra Clopton

counting on a cowboy cover

Abby Knightly is determined to move on from the place she’s been stuck for the past two year. After a column in answer tone of her letters, Maggie Hope (now Monahan) encourages her to do just that—move forward. So when Abby sells her house, packs up her belongings, and moves to Wishing Springs, Texas, her family and friends are concerned she has lost her mind. But Abby can’t stay in the place where she lost so much, more than she’s ever willing to lose again. On her way into Wishing Springs, Abby swerves to miss a cow and is immersed in the world of the Four of Hearts Ranch and Bo Monahan.

Bo is instantly attracted to this stranger but has she come to town because of Maggie’s article about the handsome, available cowboys? When he learns he has a year old son he’d never been told about, his world becomes chaotic. Bo has enough to do with caring for his ailing Pops and his custom stirrup business. He recruits Abby to help him care for the baby.

Most of the townsfolk from Betting on Hope make an appearance in the second installment of the Four of Hearts Romance series. The nosy women from the salon, Doobie and Dooney (the twins), Pebble, Rand, and of course, Tru and Hope, Jarrod, and Pops and Solomon. The chemistry between Abby and Bo is immediate. Both of them feel lit but can Abby let go of her fear of losing someone in order to risk her heart on love?

Available Aug. 11, 2015

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