Crisis Shot by Janice Cantore (Review & Author Q&A)

Crisis Shot Janice CantoreTess O’Rourke dreams of becoming the first female chief of police in Long Beach, California. As commander of the East Division, she is well on her way . . . until the night she responds to an officer-needs-assistance call and fatally shoots an unarmed teenager. Despite being cleared of wrongdoing by a grand jury, Tess is so hounded by the public that she takes a job in Oregon to escape the bad press.

Winning over the residents of Rogue’s Hollow might be more difficult than adjusting to her new role as police chief in the small, backwater town. Especially when her closest friend, the pastor’s wife, goes missing and the woman’s cousin is found shot. Tess finds an ally in sheriff’s deputy Steve Logan, but as they track down Rogue’s Hollow’s first murderer, she worries that she’s breaking one of her rules and getting too close to him.

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Wilderness Reunion by Elizabeth Goddard (Review)

Wilderness Reunion Elizabeth Goddard

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After stumbling on a drug operation, Alice Wilde races through the woods as bullets whiz past, using her skills as a wilderness guide to elude her pursuers. But she doesn’t stay safe for long once one of the armed men recognizes her…and starts stalking her. When the sheriff asks her to guide his men and photojournalist Griffin Slater—her ex-boyfriend—to the crime scene, though, she can’t refuse. Alice knows Griffin’s just there for a story, but after the two of them are separated from the rest of the group, he’s the only person who can save her. And with someone willing to do anything to hunt them down, Alice must put aside their past if she wants to survive.





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False Security by Elizabeth Goddard

False Security (Wilderness, Inc book 3)

By Elizabeth Goddard

Ebook available April 1, 2017. Paperback available April 4, 2017


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Arriving at her secluded cabin to find her brother missing, Olivia Kendricks follows his trail into the woods—until two shooters take aim at her. She only escapes when ex-detective Zachary Long, her brother’s friend—and Olivia’s first love—comes to her rescue. Now as they run for their lives in the snowbound wilderness, they must search for her brother while figuring out why someone wants them dead. And though Zach’s police force training may be what will save them, it’s also what once drove them apart when he gave Olivia up to chase his dream. In a freezing landscape as deadly as it is beautiful, they’ll have to let go of the past…and face down powerful men willing to kill to keep secrets buried.





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Some residents of Gideon, OR are having incredibly bad luck. Or maybe it’s outsiders bringing it to town. Either way, buckle up for another thrill ride through the beauty and harshness of the Rogue River Wilderness area as Olivia and Zack fight for their lives.

From the first pages, as Oliva finds a trail of blood in the snow, I was swept into this story. Goddard writes in such a way that the cold of the snow and blizzard seeped into me as I went along for the ride. But the heart of this story lies in regrets.

Olivia has been estranged from her brother for three years and now doesn’t know if she’ll ever see him again. Zack’s decision to follow the rules cost him dearly. So much so that years later, he’s decided to give up his job. And both of them made a choice that ended their relationship ten years ago.

When they not running from the people trying to kill them or trying to unravel what information Olivia’s brother has, their time together causes both of them to reflect on their past mistakes. And maybe, if they can survive, instead of looking over their shoulders at the past, they can walk forward into a promising future.

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Another Winner in the First Responders Series by Susan Sleeman

Susan Sleeman has delivered another page-turning romantic suspense with book number five in her First Responders series. Readers who have followed from book one know that there are two team members who have yet to meet their match—negotiator Archer Reed and team leader Jake Marsh (whose story is coming this December).


Emily Graves is threatened by a lone gunman, and Deputy Archer Reed makes it his personal mission to protect Emily and her failing aunt. When Emily shares some more incidents that seemed like accidents, Archer is convinced someone is out to ruin Emily and her aunt’s B and B.

The chemistry between Archer and Emily is electric and I was rooting for them from the beginning. This may have included wanting to yell at them to get out of their own heads or to move on from the past. The return of a few team members, including Darcie from Emergency Response, was also enjoyable.

While the non-stop action and a plot in Silent Sabotage will keep you guessing to the end will keep you turning the pages, it’s the personal journeys that both Archer and Emily take that speak to the heart of the reader. It is so easy for us to want to control the events in our lives, to avoid those things that ***might*** be painful. Sometimes we avoid them to our detriment because coming out on the other side can be beautiful.

The entire First Responders series has been a joy to read as I’ve gotten to know this team of good-hearted law enforcement professionals who are also human (with struggles and fears of their own to overcome). Can’t wait to read about their fearless leader this December!

Available Aug 1 in eBook format and Aug 9 in paperback. Both are available for pre-order now.

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***The author provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.