The Regency Brides Collection (Review)

Romance is a delicate dance bound by rules and expectations in Regency England…
Seven couples must navigate society’s gauntlet to secure the hand of true love….

Charity and Luke are strangers who were forced to marry three years ago.

Adelaide and Walter share a love of music and disdain for elitism.
Caroline and Henry are thrown together by three orphans.
Helen and Isaac harbor his unlikely secret.
Esther is empowered to choose between two men.
Sophia is determined not to choose a man like Nash.
Jamie and William face a daunting London season together.

Will their faith grow and love prevail in a time when both were considered luxuries the elite could not afford?

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Her Baby’s Protector: Saved by the SEAL by Susan Sleeman

Her Baby’s Protector: Saved by the Lawman/Saved by the Seal by Margaret Daley and Susan Sleeman


About the book

Saved by the Lawman by Margaret Daley

As an unknown assailant attempts to kidnap family-court judge Kate Forster’s infant son, police officer Chase Walker thwarts the attack—and vows to keep the pair safe. But who will protect the ex-marine’s heart when the widowed mother and her little boy make him long for a permanent spot in their family?

Saved by the SEAL by Susan Sleeman

The tragedy that killed Bree Hatfield’s best friends—and left her with custody of their young daughter—has been ruled an accident. But Bree knows it was murder. Scared and alone, she turns to her ex-boyfriend, navy SEAL Clint Reed, who’ll risk everything to protect baby Ella and the woman he never stopped loving.



My thoughts

Know what I love better than a good story? TWO good stories, and Her Baby’s Protector delivers. This book contains two novellas by two romantic suspense authors who kept be involved and turning the pages. As if an adorable baby in each story wasn’t enough to keep my interest, there’s also the rugged men whose hearts are melted by the children as they’re falling for the mothers.


My favorite of the two stories was Saved by the SEAL by Susan Sleeman. From the harrowing first line, I was drawn into this story and the lineup of suspects kept me guessing who was behind the crimes until the end of the book. While Bree and Clint investigate the murder of Bree’s friends, they must navigate the emotional mines of their past and their current feelings for each other. With a story that defines suspense until the very last chapter, Sleeman delivers another winner.



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Love Takes the Cake by Betsy St. Amant

love takes the cake cover

Charlotte can set her watch by her Tuesday evening customer. The handsome man’s order for his girlfriend never varies either. Then one Tuesday some friends of his come in—one of them is the Bridezilla she’s got a consultation with for a wedding cake. When the groom to be suggests Will take care of the cake, Charlotte is both concerned and delighted. Her attraction to this attached man is dangerous but, at the same time, she’d rather deal with that than the hyper-emotional bride-to-be.

Will’s life is consumed by caring for his sister. Can he really commit to spending a large chunk of time with the pretty baker? The temptation to kiss her is already pushing at his restraint. Finally agreeing, he realizes there is more to Charlotte than meets the eye. Something in her past has caused her a lot of pain, but will she trust him enough to share that past?

Author Betsy St. Amant has a talent for bringing her character’s past pain to life. How is it that one poor choice in the past can decide how you live life in the present? While both Will and Charlotte grow closer, they must deal with letting go of their guilt and prejudices from their past experiences.

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