Too Far Down by Mary Connealy (Review)

Too Far Down ConnealyCowboys, Action, Humor, and History Collide in Connealy’s Latest

When an explosion kills men and damages the CR Mining Company, the Bodens realize their troubles are not behind them as they thought. Shadowy forces are still working against them. 
Cole Boden finds himself caught between missing his time back East and all that New Mexico offers. Sure he fights with his siblings now and then, but he does care for them. He enjoys running the mine and, when he’s honest, he admits that Melanie Blake captures his interest in a way no other woman ever has. 
Melanie has been a friend to the Bodens forever. A cowgirl who is more comfortable with horses and lassoes than people, she never expected to find herself falling for someone. Particularly for refined Cole Boden, a Harvard graduate who may not stay long at the ranch. She’s determined, however, to help the Bodens finally put an end to the danger that’s threatened all of them. But will putting herself in harm’s way be more dangerous than anyone expected?

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Long Time Gone by Mary Connealy

Long Time Gone (Cimarron Legacy Series)

Mary Connealy

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The Boden clan thought their problems had ended with the death of a dangerous enemy, but have they truly uncovered the real plot to take their New Mexico ranch? Rancher Justin Boden is now in charge. He is normally an unshakable and rugged man, but with his brother, Cole, shot and in mortal danger, even a tough man faces doubts. And it doesn’t help that Angie DuPree, the assistant to the doctor trying to save Cole, is as distracting a woman as Justin ever laid eyes on.

With her and the doc’s timely skills, Cole looks to be on the mend, and Justin and the rest of the Bodens can turn their attention back to the dangers facing them. It’s clear now that everything that’s occurred is part of a much bigger plot that could date back to a decades-old secret. Can they uncover all the pieces before danger closes in on them, or is the threat to the ranch even bigger than any of the Bodens could imagine?


My Review

The Boden Siblings are back. Readers may remember that Connealy left us hanging a bit at the end of the first Cimarron Legacy book. If you don’t remember what happened at the end of No Way Up, don’t worry, you get a good refresher in the first few chapters of this one.

A couple of those cliffhangers are wrapped up within the first few chapters of Long Time Gone. But some remain because, let’s face it, that’s what keeps us reading to the last page.

Justin Boden and Angie Dupree are a good match. The problem is they don’t want to admit it. Angie’s determination to stand on her own and Justin’s determination to continue with a rancher’s life—a life he’s certain Angie’s both not strong enough and too good for—keep them apart. At first.

Connealy weaves the intricacies of a blooming romance, the nuances of siblings, and a mystery through her tale set on the Cimarron Ranch in the desert of New Mexico. Each thread is given the exact amount of attention it needed to pull me through the story. With a touch of humor in the midst of the chaos the Boden family is facing, Long Time Gone was a fun and fast read that left me itching for a little more.

Good thing there’s one more book coming. And I can’t wait to read about Cole and…. Well, I think I know who that might be, but you’ll have to read the first two books in the series in order to find out for yourself.


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