An Inconvenient Beauty by Kristi Ann Hunter (Review)

Inconvenient Beauty Kristi Ann HunterAward-Winning Regency Romance Author on the Rise

Griffith, Duke of Riverton, likes order, logic, and control, and he naturally applies this rational approach to his search for a bride. He’s certain Miss Frederica St. Claire is the perfect wife for him, but while Frederica is strangely elusive, he can’t seem to stop running into her stunningly beautiful cousin, Miss Isabella Breckenridge.

Isabella should be enjoying her society debut, but with her family in difficult circumstances, her uncle will only help them if she’ll use her beauty to assist him in his political aims. Already uncomfortable with this agreement, the more she comes to know Griffith, the more she wishes to be free of her unfortunate obligation.

Will Griffith and Isabella be able to set aside their pride and face their fears in time to find their own happily-ever-after?

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A Heart’s Home by Colleen Coble

heart's home cover

The final installment in the Journey of the Heart serials, A Heart’s Home finds Emmie Croftner with a difficult decision: Marry the man she loves or keep the promise she made to Amelia Campbell. The promise that if anything happened to her, Emmie would marry Jacob and care for him and Amelia’s daughter. With the Sioux attacks becoming more prominent and the death toll of men in Fort Phil Kearney increasing, Isaac Liddle volunteers to go to Fort Laramie for reinforcements in the middle of a blizzard. With weather and Indian attacks a threat, Emmie worries for the man she loves, refusing to give up hope he’ll come home to her.

A lot of emotion in this final book. Joy is followed quickly by heartbreaking sorrow. As someone who once lived in Wyoming, Coble’s description of the weather and wind is dead on. Most of the characters from the first five books at least make an appearance and the story is wrapped up nicely, including an epilogue to let readers know how the future turned out for Emmie. Another quick read because of the short installment length, but if you want all of them at once, the entire series will be available in September.

***Thomas Nelson provided me with a complimentary copy of this book via BookLook Bloggers. All opinions expressed are my own.

To Win her Favor by Tamera Alexander

To Win Her Favor cover

Maggie Linden loves her home, her father, and her horse but is about to lose them all. With her father’s failing health and the threat of losing their beloved home looming close on the horizon, Maggie’s only hope is for her thoroughbred, Bourbon Bell, to win some races. But when the horrors of the world strike, and her jockey and his family leave, Maggie has little hope.

When Cullen McGrath, an Irishman recently arrived from England, arrives in Nashville, he finds he’s as unwelcome as the recently freed slaves. No one will do business with him, give him a loan, or sell him their property. He visits Linden Downs and Maggie’s father makes him a generous offer—one he is hard pressed to refuse. Pay the back taxes on the property and marry his daughter and the land and everything on it is his.

This is my favorite book by Tamera Alexander yet. There are so many themes running throughout this book—a father’s love for his daughter, prejudice against people who are different, trusting a virtual stranger with your future and your dreams—and each and every one of them is handled well. Both Cullen and Maggie are likable characters despite their flaws (Maggie has been sheltered in her world and blind to the plight of others around, even to the point of prejudice only because of what she’s read and heard from other people. Cullen is bound and determined to leave his past behind, even if it means crushing his new wife’s talent and dreams). The supporting characters are given as much attention to character development as Cullen and Maggie which gives more depth to the story. And, as always, characters from Alexander’s other books make cameos—which I always enjoy.

I’ve been to Belle Meade once, when I first moved to Nashville. After reading To Win Her Favor, which brought the people and land to life, I’m ready for another visit.

Available everywhere May 12

****Zondervan Fiction provided me with a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.