Battling an Unknown Enemy

Some authors write books so engaging, they’re difficult to put down even though you want to story to last. Susan Sleeman is one of those authors and on Feb 29, 2016, readers get to pick up book two in her Agents Under Fire series, Web of Shadows. From the first page, I was drawn into the suspense and mystery as well as the romance.

web of shadows cover

Nina Brandt’s job as an FBI agent working in the cyber division allows her to make the world safer for everyone. With her two agent friends, Kait and Becca, Nina’s life is good.

When ex-boyfriend and Navy SEAL Quinn Stone shows up at her office with his teenage brother, Nina’s world is suddenly shifted. Ty Stone has hacked the TSA’s No Fly List and the computer he did it on was stolen and now missing. The threat of someone getting their hands on the hack and Nina’s love for Ty pushes her to work with Quinn to keep Ty out of jail.

But someone else is using the computer and the hack to make Nina pay for sending him to prison and he has a calculated plan how to make it as painful as possible.

I’m always a sucker for stories of lost love renewed but when you add to it the jam-packed action of an investigation for not only possible terrorists but also hackers, it gets even better. And Nina and Quinn may have shoved their feelings for each other aside, but put them together and everything is bound to come to the surface.

Nina’s sweet southern upbringing and attention to detail are the perfect contrast to Quinn’s hard-core, macho (almost egotistical but not quite) SEAL mentality and desire to act. Together, they make a perfect team.

Sleeman’s ability to portray the twisted workings of the mind of criminals is both harrowing and intriguing. Getting the villain’s point of view allows readers to see the whole picture while others are piecing it together.
If you’re ready for a read full of action, suspense, and police procedure, this is one not to miss.

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