The Princess Spy by Melanie Dickerson

princess spy

Margaretha likes to talk. A lot. She talks when she’s happy, when she’s nervous, when she’s afraid, and when she’s awake. Her brothers tease her about it. She’s convinced she’s driven away some of her suitors with her incessant prattling so when Lord Claybrook express interest despite her constant chatter, she begins to consider a possible union. Then an injured man is brought to Castle Hagenheim. An extremely handsome man who seems to have gone made. When Margaretha realizes he is speaking English instead of raving, she draws on her lessons to communicate with the man. Colin confides he is searching for Lord Claybrook to bring him to justice. He asks Margaretha to spy on him. When she finally agrees, Margaretha discovers the horrid truth–Colin was telling the truth. Lord Claybrook is a murder who now plans to ambush her family. Her discovery leads her and Colin through danger and adventure through the German countryside. As they travel, running for their lives, they face danger and adventure–and possibly love.

A story both mothers and teenage daughters will enjoy, The Princess Spy is exciting from the first pages. Margaretha wants so badly to please her family but also wants to be loved (what girl doesn’t). Her talking is humorous at times but also endearing. The brave, headstrong, and caring princess is loved by the people of Hagenheim and readers will fall in love with her as well. A great role model for young girls, Melanie Dickerson’s character is enchanting but real.

****BookLook Bloggers provided me with a copy of this book for an honest and fair review. I was not compensated in any way for either a negative or a positive review.

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