Love without End by Robin Lee Hatcher

love without end cover

Kimberly Welch has come to King’s Meadow, Idaho because she has nowhere else to go. Her best friend offers her and her teenage daughter a place to live after their belongings are reposessed. When Kimberly’s daughter, Tara, is given a horse that needs to be broken in, she turns to Chet Leonard–a man who owns a ranch in the area. With no money and no job, she doesn’t know how she can possibly pay him but she also understands taking the horse away from Tara will damage their relationship further.

Chet Leonard has had his own share of heartache. He’s oldest son died at seventeen and then his wife walked out on him and their two remaining sons without a glance back. The pain still overwhelms him sometimes but he continues to run his horse ranch and raise his two sons to love the Lord. When Anna McKenna, better known to Chet as Nana Anna, returns to the ranch after years away, hope seems to come into his household again. And it’s not just Nana Anna who is bringing that hope. No, the beautiful widow, Kimberly Welch, has an awful lot to do with that.

Robin Lee Hatcher does an amazing job of weaving Anna’s story from years ago in with those of Kimberly and Chet. Not only does the reader learn about these three, they also learn about the three teenagers and the dynamics of that group. As someone who is (clears throat) a little older and never married, I always enjoy reading stories where the main characters have experienced a little bit of life but still have a chance at love-in Chet and Kimberly’s cases, a second chance. Hatcher does not disappoint.

***Booklook Bloggers provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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